Binntal hut

The Binntal in Summer

Volunteer guardians

All guardians of the Binntal hut are volunteers, members of the Delémont section of the Swiss Alpine Club. Every week of the summer season another guardian mans the hut.

Booking will ensure that a bed and a meal are available for you during stay.

They are responsible for the following tasks
  • They rotate from week to week (from late June to early October) in teams of 3 to 5 people, depending on the frequency of use.
  • They welcome guests, cook morning, midday and evening meals, and serve cakes and drinks during the day.
  • They don’t necessarily have to know how to cook for large groups, they can be active in other areas such as:
    vegetable preparation,
    tidying and cleaning the premises,
    reception and service,

Our team members are polyvalent and complementary !

List of guards

29 juin au 6 juil : - Non gardiennée
- Not warded
- Nicht bewachtet
6 au 13 juil :Scherrer Luc
13 au 20 juil :Kohler Andréanne
20 au 27 juil :Chèvre Richard
27 juil au 3 août :Beuchat Dominique
3 au 10 août :Lovis Ruth et Richard
10 au 17 août :Häner Heidi
17 au 24 août :Chollet Jean-Philippe
24 au 31 août :Urs Joseph
31 août au 7 sept :Hügli Thomas
7 au 14 sept :Bohler Raymond
14 au 21 sept:Chrétien Heidi
21 au 28 sept :Vögtli Anita
28 sept au 6 oct :Saner Albert
Fermeture :Weekend du 6 oct

Would you like to be a volunteer guardians at the Binntal hut ?

You love the mountains…
You like socializing and meeting new people…
You like working as part of a team…
You like to make people feel welcome and give pleasure through your commitment…

Then you’re welcome.

We look forward to welcoming you to our team of volunteer guardians.

If you’re interested in becoming a guardian, alone, with family or friends, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail at the following address :
Head of guardians or President of hut.

Suggestions for hikes

Below some suggestions for hikes in the valley of Binn.

  • Binntal hut – Binn via Binnergale (T3, 4-5h)
  • Binntal hut – Binn via Halsesee (T3, 3-3.5h)
  • Fäld – Cabane du Binntal – Fäld (T3, 5-6h)
  • Eggerhorn depuis la Cabane du Binntal (T4, 7-8h)
  • Ofenhorn / Punta d’Arbola (F1, 2.5-3h)
FROM HUT TO HUT (starting from Binntal hut)
  • Mittlenberghütte (T2, 1.5h)
  • Rifugio Castiglioni (T3, 3-4h)
  • Rifugio Margaroli (T3, 3.5h)
  • Rifugio Claudio e Bruno (4.5h)
  • Rifugio Citta di Busto (5.5h)
  • Rifugio Mores (5h)
  • Bivacco Conti (4h)
  • from the Binntal hut – Nufenenpass (2 jours, T3)
  • from the Binntal hut – Binn to the Geisspfad (2 jours, T3-T4)
  • Circular tour, starting from d’Heiligkreuz (3 à 5 jours, T2-T5)
  • Traverse from Wallis to the Piémont: Fürgangen – Crovéo (3 jours, T2-T3)
  • Traverse from Wallis to the Tessin, randonnée (3 jours, T2-T3)
  • Traverse from Wallis to the Tessin, alpinisme (2 jours, T3 et PD-)
  • The Tour of the Walser (5 à 7 jours ou 34h)
  • Le The Path of the Romans from Binn to Grengiols (6.5h)
  • Via Alpina: blue itinerary (61 steps)
  • Via Alpina: red itinerary (161 steps)
  • Grande Traversata delle Alpi (65 steps)
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