In winter

Using the hut in winter

The Binntal hut is not wardened during the winter season, but it remains open and you have access to the kitchen, dining hall, toilets and dormitories.

Booking is obligatory even in the period without guardians to ensure that there is a bed available for you and you must enter your name in the guest book upon your arrival.

Depending on snow condition, you can enter the hut on the south side through the door located on the ground floor or on the north side through the window on the first level via a ladder. Detailed instructions can be found in the information sheet.

Drinks and food can be bought from a stock in the hut. A money box and paying-in slips are available to pay for your accommodation and food.

The use of a sleeping bag or sleeping bag liner is obligatory. If you forgot your sleeping bag liner you can buy one at the hut.

Together with a route discription, we will send you upon your reservation the information sheet containing lots of information about the functioning of the technical installations. Please read the documents before your ascent. As a reminder, tehnical informations are also displayed in the kitchen.

Rubbish and empty bottles originating from hut products can be displayed in the containers placed in the cellar below the kitchen. Please take your personal rubbish with you when you leave the hut.

Suggestions for alpine skiing tours

The village and valley of Binn have only been accessible throughout the year since 1965, when the tunnel was built. Nevertheless, avalanches remain a serious risk between the villages of Binn and Fäld. Therefore, the road between these villages is closed after significant snowfall.
When there is snow, the valley of Binn is beautiful !

There are numerous options for skiing tours and itineraries for snowshoeing. Even in fairly bad snow conditions it is possible to climb the Stockhorn or Schinhorn on skis and a descent in powder snow is assured. By contrast, good and stable spring conditions are necessary for skiing on the Schwarzhorn and Rappehorn, which have slopes that exceed 30°.


– From Binn to Binntal hut (PD, 4h) or (AD+, 4.5h)
– Stockhorn (PD, 3.5h)
– Grosses Schinhorn (AD, 4.5h)
– Ofenhorn (D-, 4.5h)
– Trubhorn (AD-, 5h)
– Hohsandhorn (PD, 3h)


– Binn – Ulrichen (4 days)
– Simplonpass – Realp (8 days) (More informations)


– Nufenenpass 265S 1:50’000
– Valle Antigorio 275S 1:50’000


– Ski de randonnée: Haut Valais, 121 itinéraires du ski-alpinisme
   François Labande, ISBN 978-2-88086-372-2
– Magazine Les Alpes

Propositions des randonnées à ski

Informations on local conditions

The tour guide Rudolf JULIER is ready to give you additional informations on local conditions:

Phone: +41 27 971 27 58
Cell phone: +41 79 220 76 69