Binntal hut

The Binntal Hut

The infrastructure

The Binntal hut was renovated in 2018. Being located in a national nature park, preserving the environment was the priority of this renovation. Accommodation capacity has not been increased, but the rooms have been segmented to ensure greater comfort.

A multifaceted hut

A hut for families

The Binntal hut is easily accessible for the entire family and a special attraction for young discoverers…

Alpine bus

An alpine bus will bring you straight from Binn to Fäld.

A place of passage

The Binntal hut is a popular stop on the way to Italy. The Via Alpina passes by our hut !

On your way to summits

Starting from the Binntal hut you can climb several mountains: Ofenhorn, Trubhorn, Hohsandhorn, …

Climb to the hut

Access to Binn (CH) ...​

For the ascension through the valley of Binn, count 4h and follow the yellow hiking signs that indicate the hut. In summer, it is also possible to take the alpine bus up to Brunnebiel. During the other seasons, it is also possible, if the road is free of snow, to take a taxi up to Brunnebiel. From Brunnebiel it takes 2 hours to arrive at the hut.
  • Between Lax and Fiesch, turn south for Ernen, Binntal.
  • Cross Ernen and Ausserbinn.
  • In Binn, possibility of parking on the road towards Fäld. GPS: 46°21’53.1″N 8°11’16.9″E
  • Line CFF Brig – Fiesch or Brig – Andermatt.
  • Get off in Fiesch, then take the post bus.
  • From Fiesch to Binn, line 651.
  • From Lax to Binn, line 652.
  • From Binn to Fäld / Brunnenbiel, line 653.
  • Reservation: +41 27 971 2525, 8:30-11:55 and 14:00-17:00 the day before
  • Binntal Taxi Schmidt Tel: +41 (0)79 206 6544

Access to Alpe Devero or to Valdo Formazza (I) ...​

From Alpe Devero, in Italy, you will arrive at the Binntal hut in 4h, passing over the Albrunpass.
From Valdo, in the Italian val Formazza, it is possible to take the ski lift up to Sagersboden, and from there a path takes you past the lac Vannino and the passes of Scatta Minoia and the Albrunpass. The hike takes 6h.
  • Road 337 from Locarno or highway towards Simplon to Domodossola. After Domodossola, fork in the Antigorio valley towards Val Formazza until Baceno.
  • For Alpe Devero, in the center of Baceno, take the municipal road that goes up to Devero. Alpe Devero is closed to private cars, but you can leave your car in a car park before the village.
  • For Valdo Formazza, in the center of Baceno, follow the road 659 to Valdo.
BY TRAIN( ( ou
  • Line Novarra – Domodossola
  • Line Milano – Domodossola
  • Line Locarno – Domodossola
  • To Alpe Devero: Domodossola – Baceno – Goglio – Devero (ProntoBus)
  • To Valdo Formazza: Domodossola – Baceno – Ponte Formazza (Cascata del Toce)
  • Servizio Taxi in Baceno Tel: +39 0 349 07 96 016
  • Marco Enzo, Piazza Matteoti in Domodossola Tel: +39 0 347 92 76 837

Hut life

  • Slippers for inside use are available when you enter the hut.
  • Dogs are not allowed inside the hut, but they can stay overnight in a shelter next to the building. A blanket will be provided.
  • Please keep your dog on a leash during your hike to the hut to protect the local wildlife. Please keep your dog on a leash around the hut too.
  • Dinner is served at 7PM. Please inform the guardian if you arrive after 7PM, so that your meal will be kept warm for you.
  • Breakfast is usually served between 6:30AM and 8AM. Please inform the guardian in the evening if you would like to leave earlier.
  • If you have special dietary requirements, you can mention these when you book your stay.
  • Please inform us when booking if you would iike a picnic for a groups of more than four people. Smaller groups are requested to notify the guardian upon arrival at the hut.
  • The hiking tea is included in the price of half board.
  • You are not obliged to buy food or drink at the hut.
  • Announce yourself to the guardian when you arrive. He or she will show you your bed for the night. Beds are allocated depending on the size of the groups and the number of guests.
  • All beds have a pillow and a blanket (duvet). The use of a sleeping bag liner is obligatory. If you don’t have one you can buy one at the hut.
  • After snowmelt the water is taken directly from a source above the hut. In summer this source runs dry and water is then taken from the river downhill, close to a second source. The water is not safe to drink.
  • The water is warmed thanks to solar panels.
  • Electricity is generated using photovoltaic panels.
  • We accept Swiss Francs and Euros. We do not accept card payments.
  • Reduced prices are available provided you can show proof of eligibility.
  • The waste from the hut is sorted and flown down by helicopter. We kindly ask you to take your own waste with you.

History of the hut

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