The hut

Ascent to the hut

Through the valley of Binn

For the ascension through the valley of Binn, count 4h and follow the yellow hiking signs that indicate the hut.
In summer, it is also possible to take the alpine bus up to Brunnebiel.
During the other seasons, it is also possible, if the road is free of snow, to take a taxi up to Brunnebiel (Binntal taxi Schmidt – +41 79 206 65 44).
From Brunnebiel it takes 2 hours to arrive at the hut.

From Alpe Devero

From Alpe Devero, in Italy, you will arrive at the Binntal hut in 4h, passing over the Albrunpass.

From Valdo (Val Formazza)

From Valdo, in the Italian val Formazza, it is possible to take the ski lift up to Sagersboden, and from there a path takes you past the lac Vannino and the passes of Scatta Minoia and the Albrunpass. The hike takes 6h.

More information about arriving in Binn, Alpe Devero or Valdo.

The facilities

The Binntal hut has been entirely renovated in 2018. Protection of the environment was one of the priorities of the renovation because of the location in the natural park. The number of beds has not been increased, but the dormitories have been split to improve the comfort.

There are 50 beds spread over several dormitories of different sizes : 3 dormitories with 12 beds each, 2 dormitories with six beds and one double room.

The dining hall seats 50 guests.

From the hut you can enjoy the view over the entire valley of Binn.

The new kitchen has been equipped to facilitate the work of the guardians.

From the dining hall you can admire the sunset over the Nesthorn and the seating areas around the hut allow you to enjoy a small meal in the sun and to enjoy summer evenings.

The sanitary facilities have been entirely renovated and dry toilets have been installed.

The bathroom has large washbasins.

The water is taken close to a source a little downhill. A hydraulic ram pumps the water up to the hut. Electricity is generated using solar panels.

Price list

In CHF, per person, tourist taxes and VAT included.

Winter prices:

Binntal hut is not warded.

CatégoriesCAS or CA Members,
½ board1Accommodation½ board1Accommodation
Youngs below 22 years57.-28.-66.-37.-
Mountain guides, UIAGM, accompanying person235.-0.-70.-35.-

Summer prices:

CatégoriesCAS or CA Members,
½ board1Accommodation½ board1Accommodation
Children from 0 to 5 years old15.-8.-20.-12.-
Children from 6 to 11 years old37.-15.-44.-22.-
Youngs from 12 to 17 years old46.-18.-55.-27.-
Youngs from 18 to 22 years old53.-18.-62.-27.-
UIAGM mountain guide, accompanying person235.-0.-70.-35.-
Dormitory with 2 beds, on reservation, per person70.-35.-90.-55.-
Dormitory with 2 beds, on reservation, single person90.-55.-110.-75.-
No-show (no show without cancellation of the reservation within the time limit)30.-


SAC members, Swiss military service personel and foreign Alpine Clubs with mutual recognition shall be considered as members.

1 The half-board includes accomodation, dinner, breakfast, taxes, VAT and tea (for the next-day hike).  Only when the hut is warded.
2 Accompanying person = Responsible person of a group of at least 10 people.

Bank details:
IBAN: CH57 0900 0000 4003 5371 9
Banque: PostFinance SA, Mingerstrasse 20, 3030 Bern, Switzerland
Owner: CAS Delémont, Cabane Binntal, 2800 Delémont

To book your stay …


Hut life

  • The waste from the hut is sorted and flown down by helicopter. We kindly ask you to take your own waste with you.
  • Dogs are not allowed inside the hut, but they can stay overnight in a shelter next to the building. A blanket will be provided.
  • Please keep your dog on a leash during your hike to the hut to protect the local wildlife. Please keep your dog on a leash around the hut too.
  • Dinner is served at 7PM. Please inform the guardian if you arrive after 7PM, so that your meal will be kept warm for you. Breakfast is usually served between 6:30AM and 8AM. Please inform the guardian in the evening if you would like to leave earlier.
  • If you have special dietary requirements, you can mention these when you book your stay.
  • Please inform us when booking if you would iike a picnic for a groups of more than four people. Smaller groups are requested to notify the guardian upon arrival at the hut.
  • The hiking tea is included in the price of half board.
  • You are not obliged to buy food or drink at the hut.
  • We accept Swiss Francs and Euros. We do not accept card payments.
  • Reduced prices are available provided you can show proof of eligibility.
  • Announce yourself to the guardian when you arrive. He or she will show you your bed for the night. Beds are allocated depending on the size of the groups and the number of guests.
  • All beds have a pillow and a blanket (duvet). The use of a sleeping bag liner is obligatory. If you don’t have one you can buy one at the hut.
  • Slippers for inside use are available when you enter the hut.
  • After snowmelt the water is taken directly from a source above the hut. In summer this source runs dry and water is then taken from the river downhill, close to a second source. The water is not safe to drink. The water is warmed thanks to solar panels. Electricity is generated using photovoltaic panels.

History of the hut

Second Wolrd War

Originally the Binntal hut was a hut built by the military during the second World War as an observation post. After the war ended, the border guard continued the maintenance of the hut.


In 1969, the building was acquired by the Delémont section of the Alpine Club, when Lucien Sala was its president, and it was transformed into an alpiine hut that could accommodate 16 people. Very quickly, the the hut turned out to be too small.


The enlargement of the hut was undertakeni n1978 and 1979. The hut now has a kitchen and dormitories for 48 people, a washing basin and toilets, a basement and a rom with four beds for the guardians. The new hut was inaugurated on 9 September 1979.


An avalanche partially destroyed the hut on Easter 1989. Work to repair and modernise the hut are subsequently undertaken. The roof was made longer and now extended to the rock behind the hut and a covered gallery is added on the north facade. The inauguration of the new hut was done on 10 September 1989.

Binntal - Sous les échaffaudages


During the summer of 2018, the roof of the hut was raised and the height of the exterior walls was increased without changing the style of the exterior. On the inside, the hut was entirely renovated, from the cellar to the upper floor ceiling.
This renovation had two goals : to achieve the current standards of the Swiss Alpine Club and to meet the legal requirements regarding the waste water treatment.
The hut was inaugurated on July 5, 2019.

Read more about the renovation