A hut in the midst of a regional nature park


The Binntal hut will be guarded
from June 26, 2021.


Coordinates: 665.650 / 136.275
GPS: 46°22’29.0″N 8°17’30.5″E
Altitude: 2275 m

La cabane en mode hiver – été

La cabane sera gardiennée dès le 26 juin 2021 et les mesures suivantes doivent être impérativement respectées:

  • Chez nous aussi, l'obligation de porter un masque s'applique !
  • Ne visite nos cabanes que si tu es en bonne santé !
  • Effectue un autotest gratuit ou, mieux encore, soumets-toi à un test antigénique rapide, à la veille d'une course / d'un séjour en cabane. Si le résultat est positif, renonce à la course et désinscris-toi immédiatement.
  • Lors de courses de plusieurs jours, il est recommandé d’effectuer régulièrement un autotest pour sa propre protection et celle des autres.
  • Réserve ta couchette - sans réservation, pas de nuitée !
  • Apporte tes propres effets suivants : sac à viande, taie d'oreiller, désinfectant, serviette, masques de protection !
  • Rapporte tes déchets en plaine !
Les responsables de la cabane ne sauraient en aucun cas être tenus pour responsables d’une contamination par le COVID-19.

Au plaisir de vous accueillir.

Nous vous souhaitons un agréable séjour.

Welcome to the Binntal hut!

Located in the beautiful valley of Binn, on the left bank of the Rhone river in the Canton of Valais, the Binntal hut is in the heart of a regional nature park that is known for its crystals. The area is very popular among day hikers and mountaineers who would like to climb the Ofenhorn. 
The hut is located on a historical passage between Switzerland and Italy and is to this day an important stop for multi-day hikes to Italy or the Tessin. 

The hut is located, as its name indicates, in the valley of Binn, at 30 minutes from the Alpbrun pass on the border with Italy. The hut is accessible from the village of Binn and Fäld in Switzerland, or from the Alpe Devero or Valdo Formazza on the italian side. Public transports provides easy access to the starting points of the hikes. 

From mid-june to beginning of October different members of the Delémont section of the Swiss Alpine Club will welcome you and share their love for this wonderful place with you. The rest of the year the hut is unmanned, but is always open and the facilities are available for you.

A multifaceted hut


The Binntal hut is easily accessible for the entire family and a special attraction for young discoverers…


An alpine bus will bring you straight from Binn to Fäld.


The Binntal hut is a popular stop on the way to Italy. The Via Alpina passes by our hut !


Starting from the Binntal hut you can climb several mountains : Ofenhorn, Trubhorn, Hohsandhorn, …

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The valley ofBinn

The valley of Binn is located on the left bank of the Rhone river in the high Valais. No famous mountain tops or glaciers adorn it, but it is a spectacular region that is well known among crystal enthusiasts, in the centre of a nature park that is a hiker’s joy.

The crystal valley

Insiders know the valley of Binn for its crystals. No other region in the Alps equals its diversity !
Almost 200 types of minerals have been found here and more than ten of those cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

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A regional nature park

In 2011, the valley of Binn was awarded the status of « regional nature park of national significance » by the Swiss Government.
The park, located in the far east of the Canton of Valais, comprises the villages of Binn, Ernen, Grengiols, Bister, Niederwald and Blitzingen.

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A hiker’s paradise

The natural park of the valley of Binn has an excellent network of trails, which allows the hiker to enjoy the variety of natural and rural landscapes of the region.
The trails in the valley connect the hamlets and villages, the medium-altitude trails, the alpine meadows and the passes.

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Weather and webcams

Weather in Binn

What weather will tomorrow bring ?

Webcams in the valley of Binn

Sometimes it is sufficient to look at a webcam to get it …

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